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The 1st International Conference of the Portuguese Physiology Society, “Physioma 2019” aims to bring together scientists who design and develop research related to people’s health, at the forefront of life sciences and technology. The objective of the event is to promote the discussion of the most recent scientific advances that can contribute to the knowledge integration of the healthy human body functionalities, and related pathophysiological mechanisms. The enormous progress made in accessing biological signals in vivo, by non-invasive wearable devices, or exploiting “internet-of-everything” technologies, as well as advanced data analysis by sophisticated artificial intelligence models,  introduced profound changes in the way we look at and perceive human physiology. In addition to the multiple impacts of this evolution, also impacting the teaching of all health domains, this opportunity also provides a broad reflection on the potential for progress that, through physiology, we can predict and wish to achieve.

Abstract submission – between March 15 and September 1, 2019. For submission of the abstract please use the format recommended by SPFis. 

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